dr. jirina enderle
mixed media

This project is about the escape of Dr. Jirina Enderle from Czechoslovakia, in 1980. Based on her experience, archive pictures, foundfootage and exaggerated made-up stories, the photomanipulations were placed in a home-made album.

It tells, in a chronological way, the story of Jirinas life in Czechoslovakia, her escape and the first visit after some years.

By using a transparent interlayer which is normaly used in these albums to avoid opposite photo contact the manipulated picture section is able to appear, or not appear, on the picture or in the text.

Another part of this project resulted in form of a Leporello. During Jirina´s migration, she visited and lived in different places in Czechoslovakia and Austria. From there she sent postcards with different motifs and messages to her remaining relatives.

Customary postcards were completed through the integration of Jirina and her family. By adding her handwritten  regards, on the backside, the fake is more personal and  believable.

Due to the loss of her former CSSR passport, a new document had to be manufactered.

For this I have researched on old passports from that time. They functioned as a template for my new creation. Through the use of the correct paper, a typewriter, Jirinas picture and her signature, a believable piece of work results.

This project was developed during my fulbright-scholarship at the Anzenberger Masterclass and supervised by Eugenia Maximova.