hope for the rest
mixed media

This project was my final masters project at FAMU in Prague. It was developed and supervised in the intermediate studio of Matthew Monteith.

Throughout my years as a volunteer in a NGO, taking care of asylum seekers, I got in touch with this family.

In february of 2018, the family´s mother was deported back to her country of origin, Georgia. It was for an indefinite period, since the remaing part of the family did not lose their hope for a chance of staying in Austria.

During this time I started visiting them weekly with the aim of creating pictures, together with the family, for the mother. It turned out to become a document, which demonstrates their resilience within this unstable situation. Hope and faith gave them power to overcome this uncertainty, up to a certain point.

The result is a project, that speaks for many families, being in this situation. Not knowing if they are ever going to be a full part of a certain community or being teared out of their habitat and being brought to an unkown place. (Especially children born in countries of refuge suffer from this act.)

Due to different reasons, as well as the fact that the whole family left Austria in the middle of 2019, I decided to rename this project from its original name (georgian: ”mama”) after my studies.

Hope dies last, at least for many other people who find themselves in this situation.