the new generation
mixed media

This project was my final project in Jiri Thyns Post - Conceptual Photography Class during the summer semester 2018.

At the beginning of the semster I intuitionally have created objects out of stones and technical trash, that I have found on the streets of Prague. These objects didn´t just become a statement for my critical point of nowadays overusage/ wrong usage of technology, but they became part of a bigger project in different subjects. 

At the beginning I photographed the objects, from there I created illustrations, which wokred as sketches for the final skretches. Combined with real photographs, the illustraions became a poster design for Jan Brozs graphic class.

From sculpture to poster illustrations to inscribed gypsum plates, in the end it turned out to be a cooperation with the media-theorist and philosopher Katerina Krtilova, who supported my visuality with her theoretical knowledge and words.